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I thank you for visiting the most underrated page in the history of any website.

Know The Brand

Nautankishaala is a stationery and clothing brand based out of Noida, Uttar Pradesh.  Our brand focuses on leveling up our customer’s aesthetic vibe with the help of our distinctive designs. * We deal in clothing and stationery and aim to spread the aesthetic, quirky, eccentric, convivial, and kindred vibe in our customer’s day-to-day life. We make a limited number of every product to preserve the originality of the designer and the design.  What’s sold on Nautankishaala is only found on Nautankishaala. The best part about us is that we are 100% MADE IN INDIA, “Shudh Desi''!

Know the Founder 

Moving ahead, Hi guys!
I am Anjali, the person behind Nautankishaala. I am a designer by profession and stationery lover by heart. Our motto speaks for us, “Create, don’t wait!”.Nautankishaala was created with the sole motive to cater to the need of  fun loving people like you! I decided to redefine the stationery lines in the country and take it a step further with my passion as the fuel. Eventually, I expanded the category and added a clothing line under Nautankishaala. Two years down and we are a big family ! Isn’t it great? 

Our Mantras

Nautankishaala believe in three mantras, creativity ki koi seema nahi hoti, we aim to create  consumer oriented brand and we believe in turning Pie in the sky dreams  into reality with the power of talent, creativity and originality.
Our aim is to spread unique, new and fancy designs to our customers. So, that they never go off the trend. 
Consumer’s are our priority, we make unique, original and ingenious designs for our products to make them stand out in the crowd. 
We believe in producing a limited number of products with a design, to keep the value and originality of the design and designer intact. 

Our Story

I started this venture back in 2019, initially starting only with notebooks, later on I eventually added more stationeries on receiving your support and love. A year and half later, on huge demand we introduced clothing categories to our brand and we hit a home run! The designs on our t-shirts and stationeries are exclusive and limited in number. Making them a deal to seal!
I want to explore new categories and give them a touch of Midas with my designs, in order to add the boutique vibe to numerous basic products. At present our clothing range is slaying the game and in future we intend to expand it. 
We started small and now we are here, growing everyday at our own pace, exploring nooks and corners of stationery/clothing, funny, creative, versatile and unique designs. 
Every product is designed in-house by designers. I try to give life to the monotonous stationeries and clothes with my designs, leaving no stone unturned to make the products unique, relatable and eccentric for you guys!

Our Goals!

  • I aim to create and keep designing  the products in sync with the trend. I look forward to expanding the range of products and providing more relatable, unique, designer products to the consumers. 
  • Compassion, dedication and the love to improve our products and services keep us going. Our team leaves no stone unturned in standing up to our motto and excelling in what we do. The response we got from our consumers has been overwhelming and acted as fuel for us. 
  • We  aim to develop a community of Kala-Cars where young, hidden talents can spread their wings and fly. Nautankishaala wants to help new artists and designers to achieve the recognition they deserve while keeping their pocket full of sweet cash. We would like to expand our categories to connect the two dots. 

My journey from converting my passion to profession has been amazing and delightful. I am thankful to my customers for loving my work and products. You guys are amazing! We now aim to add Kala-Cars to our Car and continue to make it big and fun.  Hope to see all of you being a part of the initiative!
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