About Us

I thank you for visiting the most underrated pages in the history of any website.

Bored of typical 9-5 job and after trying to explore another career options, is when I realized I want to do something of my very own and hence Nautankishaala happened.

Graduated from NIFT and worked with different brands in apparel, home decor, and E-commerce gave a lot of experience which helped me in doing what I do.

Being a stationary freak myself, I understand every stationery lovers need. Our brand is for everyone who loves quirky and out of the box look in their wardrobes, office desks, study table…..JAZZ IT UP A LITTLE. We are here to provide you high-quality products along with a fantastic experience. Along with that these are LIMITED EDITION NOTEBOOKS. What's that? We create only limited pieces for any design. Once gone, it is gone forever. 

Nautankishaala is inspired by everything quirky added with sophistication. #AddingSophisticatedQuirk

Up next - Apparels. COMING SOON. (Excited? So are we.)

Why stay stranger? Send us an email even if it's just to as "Hello." on info@nautankishaala.com.

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Anjali Verma