What To Gift A Stationery Lover?

We all have friends that are extremely hard to shop for, but Nautankishaala brings you a gifting guide for a friend that loves stationery a little more than you ;)

Trust us Every stationery lover can never have too much stationery. They always need more! So read on, if you need tips on what to give them! 

  • Sticky Notes What To Gift A Stationery Lover? - Sticky Notes
  • Every stationery lover will say yes to sticky notes, majorly because sticky notes with various designs make them happy and let them leave notes and reminders that they will eventually forget, also aesthetics :) https://nautankishaala.com/collections/sticky-notes

  • Stickers 
  • Quirky and pretty stickers for their notebooks and planners, or even walls! They love decorating their stuff with cute stickers and will thank you for adding more to their collection!


    • Planners 

    Oh c’mon! You already knew about this one! A stationery lover without a planner? That is impossible to imagine! Get them planners from Nautankishaala that speaks of quirky planning>> planning. Get them a daily planner, a weekly planner, or even a quirky to-do list planner. They will love it all 


  • Paper clips 
  • These are a stationery lover’s add on aesthetics to their desk, notebooks, books, everything. These make their picture more instagrammable and, they always need a bunch of them! 


  • Key shaped pens
  • Can you imagine someone who loves stationery and doesn’t own almost a zillion pens and pencils? That is almost like not breathing! Also, they always need more, because unka dil genuinely maange more! So get them these and, they might love you more 


    • Journal lover gift box 

    Still, confused? We solved it for you, get them our journal lover gift box, add a cute message for them. It contains a notebook, a sticker sheet, a pen, and bookmarks! All of this in cute packaging 

    Your problem is solved :)


    • Notebooks 

    With too many thoughts running in their head, they need a notebook always. Trust us. Every stationery lover carries a notebook wherever they go. 

    Check out our notebook collection ranging from Funky notebooks, travel notebooks, motivational notebooks, and floral and pattern notebooks! We also have an assorted collection of Zodiac sign notebooks! 



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