Valentine day: Must-watch Movies <3

February, the month of love, is finally here, and valentine's week is just around the corner! February is quite the month of hearts and brings with it all the lovey-dovey things! 

Valentine's day is a little too special for all the couples out there, and we bring you the perfect movies for your cozy movie night. So grab your popcorn, blanket, and your other half and enjoy these movies :) 

  • Silver Lining Playbook 
Silver Lining Playbook - Valentines Day Movie - Romantic Movies

A feel good movie, is definitely a treat to the heart. It is edgy and chaotic, but is also about love, friendship and family. The story revolves around damaged souls and still fun to watch! It is about reaching out and staying together, lifting each other! This one is a great watch if you are looking for a deep story!

  • A walk to remember 
  • A Walk To Remember - Valentines Day Movie - Romantic Movies

    Based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks, is a beautiful love story, between people who are completely opposites, and still fall in love <3 its about opposites do attract! A beautiful, hopeless falling in love, with emotional dialogues, this one is a good watch :)

    • To all the boys - To all the boys I’ve loved before, To all the boys: PS I still love you and To all the boys: always and forever 
    To All The Boys I Have Loved Before - Valentines Day Movie - Romantic Movies

    Now this movie, with the three parts: oh! So romantic <3 A must watch this valentines day, and the third part is releasing just before valentines day ;) Peter Kavinsky, the literal heartthrob, and Lara Jean, so beautiful, this story is worth it and will make you want to squish your favorite person closer! There are complications, but in the end, love is worth it, and so are you :)

    • P.S I Love You 
    P.S. I Love You - Valentines Day Movie - Romantic Movies

    The love that gives you the forever kind feeling, this movie is it! This movie is about loving the person, even when they are not with you! It's about loving, holding on, and letting go. Based on the novel “PS I love you,” and this kind of stuff is rare today, but in the end, it is all worth it! Watch this with your partner and fall in love deeper and harder :)

    • Me Before You 
    Me Before You - Valentines Day Movie - Romantic Movies

    Based on the novel again, now this movie is breathtakingly quite romantic. A love story that is relatable and belongs to this generation. As much we say, this movie is all about believing in love, moreover believing in the love you have for the other person! 

    • The Perfect Date
    The Perfect Date - Valentines Day Movie - Romantic Movies

     Quite literally the teenage rom-com, but it is damn cute to not watch because Noah Centineo <3 the story revolves around Brooks Rattingan, who develops an app and offers date hire services ;) It is quite fun watching this begin and ending with love! 

    • The fault in our stars / Dil Bechara 
    The Fault In Our Stars - Valentines Day Movie - Romantic Movies

    Now we hav the fault our stars, and the Hindi version of it Dil Bechara, a movie that revolves around enjoying and falling in love with life, is a movie that deals with the pain of losing someone and still being theirs :) and both the versions are amazing and will make you hum the song “Main Tumhara” and smile :) 

    •  Kissing Booth 1 and 2 
    Kissing Booth - Valentines Day Movie - Romantic Movies

    This movie is about friendship, love and damn hot crushes <3 a teenage romcom. It's about a long-distance relationship, childhood friendship, and so much confusion, but will still have you holding on, because as said - you can’t really hold on to someone, because the tighter you hold on to them, the more they want to slip away! All you can do is love them and make sure they know you are never gonna slip away! Also, another reason to watch is, the third part comes out this summer ;) 

    • Love Aaj Kal 1 
    Love Aaj Kal - Valentines Day Movie - Romantic Movies

    A love story set in the times of old and new, a comparison of the love older generations had, and the new generations have, and still, both are just so beautiful. Filled with amazing songs and beautiful dialogues, Deepika Padukone, Saif Ali Khan, and the legend, The Rishi Kapoor, this movie is a must-watch! Also, jaane se pehle ek aakhri baar milna kyun zaroori hota hai? will leave you thinking <3

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