Upcoming Much Awaited Anime Series, 2022.

2022 is all set to double the fun and excitement with the upcoming most hyped anime series. Some of the seasons that were left incomplete in the past are going to hit the show this year. We were left biting our nails to find out what happened next and the time had come to reveal the further plot. Keep reading to know more.

Blue Lock:

Haikyuu’s success as a sports anime series has motivated the Sports manga series to come into existence. Blue Lock is also a sports anime focusing on Football. It’s all about sportsman spirit, determination, passion and the dream to make it in the World Cup Football Team. Definitely a must watch and much awaited series.

The rising of the shield hero S2:
The fan favorite Isekai Anime Series is all set to hit the screens in April, 2022. It is a light novel adaptation that talks about the journey of Naofumi, who is called into a world that is magical and parallel with one purpose to become a Cardinal Hero. The whole journey is thrilling, and magical; it will definitely fix you to your seats.

Vinland Saga S2:
This anime falls under the historic niche, focusing on the journey of an enthusiastic boy named Thorfinn who is on a mission to take revenge for his father’s death. The anime has thrill, suspense, action as its main element and would keep you booked like the S1 did.


Made in Abyss S2:
It is a mystic anime having Riko as the protagonist. Riko is a simple girl who lives in the Belchero Orphanage in the Orth town. The town has a peculiar, ginormous deep hole called Abyss. Riko’s mother gets lost and she suspects the abyss being the reason; while maintaining secrecy, she dives into the abyss to unfold the mysteries and find her mother.

Jujutsu Kaisen S2:
Do I even need to say anything about this one? With selling over 50 million manga copies in a year and hitting the bar, it’s one of the finest anime that has bagged millions of fans around the world. The Season 2 is all set to show its storm and heat or winters of 2022 with its thrill and action.

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-By Falak Neaz



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