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Everyone has their own dreams, some dreams are strategically planned, some are inspired by people we come across and some are born while binge-watching Anime with a bowl of snacks in a room full of stationery! Nautankishaala falls in the third category, you didn’t have to guess it even, right? The founder of Nautankishaala is Anjali, whose love for stationery and unique Anime merchandise drew her towards monetizing her passion and establishing a full-fledged career in the niche. 

Nautankishaala was started in 2019 and it turned 3 this year. It was a solopreneur startup, where Anjali single-handedly handled all the affairs but with the love of the customers and support it has come a long way. Now, the company consists of 4 employees and Anjali herself. 

There are a lot of questions that run through the mind of our customers and here we are going to answer them all absolutely Unfiltered!

Who are the faces behind Nautankishaala?

At first, just Anjali was in charge of everything, including creating, managing, and dealing with clients. Phew! Sounds like a job that only a superwoman could handle! Currently, the business has outgrown Anjali's room and has moved to a professional office in Noida. There are four employees: Daniya, who works with Anjali on designing and print-related tasks, Nitin, who oversees social media accounts and  connects all the missing points, Shyaren, who is in charge of graphic design and preparing posts for the social media handles, and Falak, who handles creativity and writing-related tasks like the one you are reading right now. Anjali handles the administrative and oversight tasks necessary to ensure the firm runs smoothly.

What goes behind the lens?

Well, there is certainly a lot of labor done behind the scenes. Since the majority of our orders are printed on demand, managing the demand and supply system can be challenging. However, thanks to our little dream team, we are crushing it! Because our company capitalizes on each employee's enthusiasm, we as a team enjoy a lot. Additionally, Anjali invited everyone to the Chai Club because she's a "Chai-Addict"!

Why is the name Nautankishaala?

This is the most asked question and the most obvious one. The answer to this isn’t straight because the answer is still deeply buried in the mind of the founder. Yes, even I do not know why the company’s name is so. “ Yeh Raaz bhi Anjali k saath chala gaya”, Lol, she is here with us but she did not tell us the reason behind the name, she said it just randomly came to her mind. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments down below! Don’t forget to follow our unfiltered page on Instagram, the handle is @unfiltered.ns, stay connected with us and keep up with Nautankishaala. 

-Falak Neaz

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