The Sunflower Artist! Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh Artworks Research


Name - Vincent Van Gogh

Nickname - The Christ of the Coal Mine, The Tortured Artists

Famous Work - The Starry Night

No of Paintings - 2,100 

The Christ of the Coal Mine, Vincent Van Gogh a Dutch Artist earned fame with his incredible ability to envision the world with a different perspective and expressed it effortlessly into outstanding pieces of Art. 

The Artist’s famous work “The Starry Nights”, is the most talked about painting of the artist. The other well-known paintings of the artist include Almond Blossom, Wheatfield with a Reaper and Sunflowers. There is a mystic aura that surrounds you when you look at Gogh’s paintings. The peculiar style of Van Gogh is quite unique. The paintings depict motion, the paintings are surreal and very captivating. 


Presently the hype about his art work is quite in talk but during his lifetime, he was not a commercially successful artist. He suffered from depression, anxiety and loneliness. The artist indeed had a very rough life and he eventually committed suicide out of pain at the young age of 37. During his lifetime Van Gogh suffered delusions and psychotic episodes. He was termed by the people as a “mad man and a failure”. His failure made his life misogynic and led him to suffer from mental illness. He painted maximum paintings during the last two years of his life. After his death his work received recognition and people started appreciating his work, calling him a genius. 

The Starry Night is the most hyped painting today but the painting Sunflowers carry more significance. Gogh practiced with numerous sunflowers after which he selected a specific variety of sunflowers. They were unrefined, dry and dull but it’s visible that with his skills he put life in his painting. He used Oil paints to make the painting and there are five different versions of the painting kept in the museums all over the world. Recently, a sketch letter was discovered where Gogh wanted to combine Sunflowers with Woman Rocking with Cradle (Portrait). Together the paintings were a triptych. His paintings are displayed in Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. Vincent Van Gogh Artworks Research
Vincent Van Gogh Artworks Research

Vincent loved sunflowers and they were a sign of gratitude for him. His friends brought Sunflowers to his funerals and with time, sunflowers became a synonym of Vincent. Well, now you would see Sunflowers with a different perspective. Do check out our Gogh merchandise and get yourself a memento of the tortured artist.  


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