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The manga comics and anime fever have hit another level of craze amongst the masses. Anime offers a dozen different genres that would blend with everyone’s taste. A “Weeblet” is a person who is new to the anime world and an “Otaku” is the one who is a walking anime encyclopedia. To make sure you don’t experience FOMO, we have got classic anime suggestions that would make sure you stay booked till the last episode. 

Death Note: My personal favorite has to be Death Note, this series would leave you in awe and make you explore every possibility of thrill and suspense. The story revolves around a notebook, called Death Note, which holds the mystic power of killing the person whose name is written in the notebook. The entire series revolves around deaths, chase and the mystic power of the notebook.

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AOT: It’s about a fictional land that is living enclosed in three layers of walls, striving for existence, as humans beyond the walls have perished. The entire plot takes a turn when a ginormous Titan hits and breaks the walls and opens the doors of the apocalypse. This action and thriller series would definitely leave chills running down your spine!

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Demon Slayer: If supernatural power, thrill and gruesome action excite you, then this is the series you should go for! The story revolves around Tanjiro, whose family died under mysterious circumstances in his absence and her younger sister got possessed by a demon. The entire plot is focused on Tanjiro protecting her sister and unfolding the mystery of demons who killed his family. 

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Ore Monogatari: It’s the shyest, oddest and most adorable romantic anime that would give love a new definition. The entire series would hit your nostalgia and you would get absorbed in the adorable love story of the protagonists. I am pretty sure it will make butterflies flutter in your stomach. 

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Gintama: With Gintama, you can’t go wrong, it’s the perfect series to binge on. It’s the epic comical show that would tickle your funny bones and leave you in a burst of laughter. It takes a few episodes to get into the stride of the plot and then it’s a whole road of comical satire waiting for you.

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Here are a few more suggestions for you to explore the world of anime. 

Classic: Naruto, DragonBallZ.

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Action: Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Hunter X Hunter, Yu Yu Hakusho.

Romance: Fruits Basket, Spice and Wolf, You Lie in April. 

Mystery: Erased, Paranoia Agent.

Comedy: Ouran High School Host Club, Saint Young Men. 

So what are you waiting for? Get set Anime with Nautankishaala!


Falak Neaz

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    Finally a worthy recommendation..
    Now I can be a proud otaku instead of a weeblet 。◕‿◕。


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