Romantic Anime that you must watch this Valentine’s Season

Love is in the air, the season of love is knocking at our door and to make it extra special, fun and cosy, Nautankishaala is all set with bells on to add the touch of anime to it. We all love binge-watching anime, don’t we? A cosy day, snuggling and binge-watching Animes that redefines love and give love a new meaning would be the cherry on the top to make your day ecstatic. Don’t forget to sit with popcorns and junk to munch on while you binge. Now, without wasting a tick, let’s dive into the list:

  1. Kimi Ni Todoke:

The term translates to “Me to You”. The story revolves around the Kuronuma and Kazehaya. Kuronoma is a simple, odd and received the name Sadako. Kazehaya is the hot-shot of the high school and poles apart from Kuronuma. But as we know opposite attracts, this high school anime series would make you re-live cute, romantic yet innocent high school love. 

  1. 5 Centimetres Per Second:

The story is as unique as its name suggest. The story is hinged upon Takaki Tono who befriends Akari Shinohara. They create a quick yet strong bond due to their likeness and similar choices. As the story progresses, Akari and Takaki move to different places due to their personal reasons yet try their best to stay in touch and hold onto their love. This is a beautiful light-hearted anime about Long Distance relationships and efforts. 

  1. Fruits Basket: 

What do fruits have to do with romance, isn’t it? Well, it’s the sweetest pick from the romantic anime dump! It’s about Tohru Honda, whose mother dies in an accident and she moves in with Yuki Sohma’s family who adopts her, after struggling a little. As the story unfolds, she discovers that the family is living with a curse and the whole story is about her journey to break through it and her blooming romance. 

  1. Golden Time: 

Shifting our boat towards a little more romantic genre, golden time rings the bells of the shell. Without giving many spoilers we would suggest you witness the anime and get lost in its beautiful setting and moments. It’s all about childhood promises and efforts to fulfil them.

  1. Natsuyuki Rendezvous:

Hazuki falls head over heels for Rokka, a florist and to make the love bloom between them he takes up a part-time job there. The relation starts to bloom like flowers but to his surprise, he discovers that Rokka is a widow and would be difficult to woo as she recently lost her loved one. The whole story is about how the love sparks and finds its way in between the thorns and make Hazuki Rokka reach their destination of love.

    6. Horimiya:

An adorable story revolving around Kyoko and Izumi. Kyoko is a geek and in absence of her parents takes care of her siblings and ace in her work. Izumi appears to be quite and silent in school but outside happens to be a friendly individual with many piercings. The story is about two individuals finding ways to each others heart. 

Well, this was the list, you know sometimes efforts and love matter more than materialistic gifts to make your loved person feel special. Whether you are together or miles apart it just takes a call and efforts to make their day. Watch these animes via Google meet, Zoom or snuggling in a blanket and make your season of love more felicitous and romantic. 

-Falak Neaz


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