Reasons to watch Banana Fish!

In our journey to explore and unlock the world of Anime, we came across this Anime series named “Banana Fish”. So, we researched and binged watch it all to tell you whether the series is worth your hours or not! You can also enjoy the series with some popcorn on Amazon Prime.


The Setting of the Anime!

The most amazing and eye catching element of the Anime is its setting. The thrilling scenes and crime element of US are magnified with the settings. My favourite has to be the gang hiding place, the slimy, scary sewer systems which opened up to private clubs and mansions where all the sins were given birth.

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No time for typical Romance!

Romance is out of the list, there is just thrill, fight, sins and crimes. It’s a rough and tough watch. Shoujo’s this Anime has blocked the stereotypes as it nullifies the traditional, essential element of romance from his Anime. The most controversial thing is that the yellow, the color of banana represents Homosexuality. Many people do believe that the protagonists Ash and Eiji are in love but in our opinion it’s a solid friendship (What do you think? Let us know in the comments). The two characters share a great bond and tender moments bringing the un-talked topic of boy’s emotions. It breaks stereotypes and gives a new perspective to male/men’s emotions.


Strong Characters:

The characters have their own aura that leaves the audience awestruck and impressed. Ash is a dashing, young, successful gang leader, ace-ing like the Ace. The high IQ and baddie character is definitely the dessert the viewer’s love. As the anime progress and the Eiji’s chapter collides with Ash, we discover the vulnerable, understanding and calm side of Ash. Definitely not what we expected Ash to be. Eiji was introduced as a jolly, meek Japanese student, who is career oriented and just the opposite of Ash. As the anime deepens and unfolds its mystery, oh boy! Our sweet Eiji gathers the courage to lead an assault on the Mafia! Again out of the box of thoughts!

All in all without given more spoilers we would highly recommend you to watch this amazing Anime. The banana fish is a must watch, from our side, it does address many myopic topics that are prevalent in our society. The true friendship, leadership, selflessness and mystery are defined brilliantly via the characters and the storyline. We are obsessed with it! To add some tea to the drama, Nauntankishaala has launched an exclusive range of Banana fish’s merchandise. 100% made in India with love and creativity on our customer’s demand. Shop our Banana Fish collection, just click on the link. Don't forget to tell us about your experience watching Banana Fish!

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 -By Falak Neaz





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