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Pretty Gift Packaging for your perfectly curated gifts

As much as we all love ordering gifts, for others, for ourselves, the best part is the wrapped gift and opening that gift wrapper, damn that is a good feeling :)

Currently, gift wrapping papers are too boring, and pretty gift wrapping paper is the need. And it's not just about the paper anymore, it's about a lot of other things that go into it! 


We believe in beautiful gift wraps, handmade ones with decorative items to add a personal touch, and why not? After all the mehnat you do to select the perfect gift for your favorite person, itne extreme efforts ko normal packaging me? For your high-quality efforts, we bring you equally high-quality and beautiful packaging options! With cute notes, handmade wrapping paper, and decorative accessories on top, we make the opening of the gift even more fun and exciting. After all, what matters is not just on the inside but on the outside too (for a gift) ~ otherwise it's just what's on the inside that matters :) 


The efforts we take to perfectly curate your gift with our limited edition designs, we put in equal efforts to pack that gift in beautifully curated handmade gift wrapping papers which are not bland, but hand-painted <3 We love the environment, and hence our packaging is eco friendly too! We not only send you gift-wrapped items, but we do high-quality packaging for greeting cards because plain envelopes are a big no-no! 


So what are you waiting for? Every time you order a gift, get them in these cute gift wraps and, the best part, they can be reused:) also, we are linking below a video to what goes in when we wrap your greeting card (more than love).


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Written By - 

Itika Samar

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