New Year 2022 Pocket Friendly Trips In India

New Year means new you, isn’t it? New resolutions, new plans and new goals. Starting the New Year with a great trip could be a refreshing idea, it helps to reset our mind, start fresh and fine. To make your trips flamazing, we have got a list of hidden jewels in India that you should visit this New Year 2022.


Andaman and Nicobar Island:

These celebrities Maldives trips have left us to drool at the scenic sites of Maldives but the package is what our bank account cannot handle. Andaman and Nicobar Island is no less beauty, it got the same scenic vibes of Maldives at a quarter price. The ocean’s blue and the mesmerizing nights would give you a dreamy experience.

Coorg, Conor and Ooty Trip:

Bangalore is infamous for its expensive lifestyle and traffic but the state of Karnataka does hold beauty of wildlife and hills in its embrace. The Coorg, Conor and Ooty trip is a complete package to experience the best of serene, silent and enchanting beauty of the nature that you saw in Twilight series.



Have you seen those extremely mesmerizing hill scenes in video games? Which leave us with the craze to visually experience the beauty. Look no further and book a trip to Kodaikanal, the princess of hill stations. The pure fresh air and greenery would make you feel that you are in a parallel world. The valley holds the beauty of lake, nature and flowers, enough to compel you to visit the place.


The urge to hit Goa for any celebration is undeniable and how could we forget to add it to our list? Goa trips are usually expensive during New Year but a pre-planning and avoiding booking from websites like Make My Trip or Ease My Trip could save you some mulas.




Well, Goa is a Bull’s-eye of the party destination but Gokarna got the same electrifying vibe. Gokarna is in Karnataka. The trip would actually cost you half the amount of what you would be spending for a Goa trip. Gokarna is in fact more scenic with the blue of Arabian Sea and sceneries of breathtaking Western Ghats. It’s everything that Goa got, minus the crazy crowd. Surfing, trekking and boating are some fun activities that the place has to offer.


We hope that this blog helped you in unlocking some beautiful and un-hyped destinations in India. Do your research and book a trip that suits the best for your family or your needs. Don’t forget to comment down your favorite destination, we would love to add those to our future blogs.

By Falak Neaz




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