Live Life Over-Size!

Live a little over the Breeze, chill a little in over-size Tees! Oversized T-shirts are a must and swing in with the trend. Oversized tees are a synonym for comfort and to help you slay all day in them here are some tips and style references by Nautankishaala!


Sometimes less is more and keeping this in mind pairing up a pair of mom jeans, with white sneakers and an oversized anime tee would just make you look fine! Suggestion: Try matching the colour of your shoes with the t-shirt’s tone it will help blend all the elements effortlessly!


Cutayy Alert:

If Kawaii is your vibe then you need to join the cute nautanki tribe! Pair an oversized t-shirt tuck it in a cute skirt and complete the whole look with knee-length or ankle-length boots! A perfect, basic, effortless way to look chic and cute!


Billie Eilish Vibe:

Do you want to don the Eilish statement look? Then throw on some oversized t-shirt with a back print and solid front, put on some loose cargo pants and set the whole look with a pair of Vans! And you are ready to get Papped!


That Airport Look:

Airport looks are so much in trend and to make it comfortable oversized t-shirts are a must! Grab a dark colour oversized t-shirt, solid or print whatever suits your taste, style it with a pair of denim shorts, and you are ready to look effortlessly hot! Don’t forget to seal the whole look with boots or shoes.  PS: Do not tuck in the tee, let it loose and free!


Layer it like a cake:

Casual evening dates call for a layering break! A cute solid color full sleeve t-shirt, layered with anime print/ solid colour oversize tee tucked in your high waist pair of skinny jeans and some white shoes. You are ready to make your date smile and smirk with your outfit's quirk! (Don't forget to add a cute sling bag to fit the look!)


They were some fun ways to style over-size tees effortlessly! Check out our oversized t-shirt collection, we got your merchandise search stop at our spot! Nautankishaala got you covered from Anime to solids! Follow us on Instagram and never miss our new launch, offers and styling tips! Comment down which one was your favourite look with just a click!

-By Falak Neaz


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