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Fighting day and night for the Tv remote, arguing over petty things, making up false stories about each other and doing everything possible to cause trouble to our siblings. This bond is full of chaos, magic and love. The bond that a brother and sister share is full of sweet and sour memories, the bond is so special that it needs no justification. 

Doing two pony tails was a pain in childhood as the brothers loved to pull them and to take revenge, didn't we love to eat our brother’s share of chocolates? 

 A brother can love us like a father, yet fight with us like cats and dogs, a sister can sacrifice the last piece of Pizza for her brother and yet fight over petty things. There are no proper adjectives to define the bond and that is what makes it so special. To make the celebration full of merry-making sessions, Nautankishaala has got a list of fun gifting ideas.

A box of chocolate is enough to steal anyone’s heart!

 Rakhi Gift - Cadbury Dairy Milk - Nautankishaala

Ferrero Rocher’s moments, Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Silk, Lindt’s white chocolates are some great options to choose from. An addition of a hand written letter or a greeting card, would add the cherry on the top!

Nautankishaala - Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas
SourceFerrero Rocher Moments Box of 12 Pralines, 69.6 g (Pack of 3)

Fashion is your passion?

Nautankishaala - Myntra - Rakhi Gift
Source -

Be it brothers or sisters, everyone likes to stay in trend and slay the dress game. Addition to couture excites everyone isn’t it? Myntra, Urbanic and H&M are some fun fashion websites which offer affordable clothing options. Don’t forget to wrap it all up with the utmost love. 

Food is in the air!

A well cooked meal that spices up the taste buds could be a great gift. A little bit of You-Tube, tips from your mother and a lot of love is what you need to slay. Home cooked food can be a treat and showcase a lot of effort which any ready-made gift wouldn’t.

Stationery is bae!

If your sibling is a stationery hoarder then look no further. Nautankishaala have a wide range of stationeries, ranging from notebooks to planners and more. Nautankishaala is the one stop shop, when it comes to grabbing unique, relatable and trendy stationeries. 

FanFiction is what you are looking for?

Rakhi Gift - Harry Potter Scarf - Nautankishaala

Anime, Harry Potter, The Games Of Throne and the list goes on, have been ruling the world. The fan base is so maniac that their merchandise is a steal for their fans. Nautankishaala’s Anime t-shirts are a steal, be it otaku or a weeb, everyone wants them. Harry Potter and The Games Of Throne merchandise are readily available on Souled Store and Amazon. Do check them out!

Deciding gifts for Rakshabandhan can be very tricky, sisters can be a little demanding, you know? But what matters is the thought, efforts and love you put in curating the gift. There are a million gifting options that could be used for this rakshabandhan but what matters is the celebration of the brother/ sisterhood. Cherish the bond of love, annoyance, laughter and care, this Rakshabandhan. Do let us know in the comments what gifts you received this Rakshabandhan!



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