Five Ways to Up-cycle your Clothes


We often look forward to renovating our house after a period span. Have you ever thought of doing the same with your clothes? Yes, it’s possible! It’s all about changing the utility of the clothes. Keep reading to know how to turn Trash to Oh My Gosh!


Basic to Graphic!

A very OG hack that we most probably witnessed in MAD on Pogo was Sandpaper transferring. All you need is an old basic white T-shirt, some Oil Pastel colours and an Iron. You need to draw the design you want to transfer on the sandpaper and then put it on your t-shirt where you want it (the drawing facing the t-shirt). Put a thin cloth over it and Iron it for a solid 5-10 minutes. Wallah! You have your customized Graphic T-shirt!


Oh, My Jeans!

Jeans may get some minute holes when used daily. For this one, you need some embroidery thread, needles and a lot of creativity. Start making small flowers near the whole and gradually make it cover the whole and extend beyond that. Quick Tip, watch a YouTube video to learn the tricks of embroidery!

Fun and Colors!

 Boring, mundane jeans are also a big NO, NO! Use washi tape at the edge of your jeans back pocket, covering all sides. Use white paint to cover the whole pocket and let it dry. Use a pencil to sketch your favourite cartoon or design and use Fabric colours to paint it. Let the paint dry and use a cloth over it, then iron to keep your design sealed!


T-shirt to Bag?

If you have a mundane, old t-shirt, then carry things in it! Cut off the sleeves of the t-shirt, make it sleeveless. Then make your t-shirt inside out, seal the bottom by stitching and then revert it. Use the sleeves as the handle and slay the day with your Up-cycled bag!


Scrunch it up!

You have a dress or t-shirt which have print to die for! Never part your days with it, turn it into a scrunchie. Use Pinterest and YouTube to ace the skill.


Nothing around you is trash, you just need a creative perspective to DO IT YOURSELF and Up-cycle your favourite piece of cloth. 

-Falak Neaz

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