Five Things Jujutsu Kaisen Characters taught us!

The Anime world was set on fire after the release of Jujutsu Kaisen. The Anime series set the bars high with its content, evergreen characters, and thrilling series. All the viewers got their new crush in the form of Gojo and a great plot that they can revisit even after years.

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility:

Yuji Itadori’s emotional side was shown to the audience in the first episode. As his grandfather was on his deathbed he asked Yuji to use his powers to help people as it would get him priceless possession of love and respect from the people.

It’s your soul that defines you:

Mahito is the most interesting antagonist of the anime. Being able to see the soul of every individual and manipulate it he stood out in the series. He highlighted that it’s not our heart but our soul that defined us and it’s somewhat true, isn’t it? To make peace with life, our existence, and trying to achieve happiness is the perfect formula to ace in life. Don’t let any Mahito take advantage of your miseries!

If you are successful people will pull you down!

The old man with whom Gojo jokes around was extremely insecure about Yuji. This was so intense that the moment he discovered about Yuji being alive he started plotting against Yuji. Since Yuji had the power that made him stand out in the crowd it created a stir of insecurity and to clear the stir constant effort of pulling him down got channeled.

You don’t get everything you want in life:

We wish for billions of things and blow it on a dandelion hoping for all of them would come true. The truth is that something or the other has to be left behind to achieve something else. Yuji had a normal life and friends from high school but he had to leave all of them to serve humanity with his powers. This decision was difficult to make but it had to be made even though it cost him his happiness and loved ones.

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Beauty can be dangerous:

Do I need to justify myself when I say that Gojo is the synonym of beauty? I guess I don’t have to. Gojo’s character is the epitome of a forever crush, the blue eyes, haughty yet cheerful trait makes him the center of attraction. Gojo prioritized taking revenge over saving people and putting his desires before the needs of others. At the same time, his cheerful and nonchalant behavior towards his students was a plus point. Gojo is a perfect blend of both worlds.

Well, there is so much more to write and learn from these characters that it would be a never-ending affair. We can surely bring on a part two for you and jam up the reading session with Jujutsu Kasien’s characters. Don’t forget to hit the website and check out Jujutsu Kaisen’s exclusively curated merchandise collection, only on Nautankishaala.

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