Does the A in Art stand for Aliens?

Art is full of impossibilities. When we think of paintings our mind automatically suggests adjectives like, therapy, fun and unique. Art is supposed to be a purely skill based subject that people excel in with regular practice and interest. The art of painting has been used over the years as a form of expression. Be it Ajanta Caves’s drawings or Hieroglyphics of Egypt, all tell us stories about their era and about the people. In this blog we will show you the deep dark side of Art history that will surely blow your mind!
We all have heard about aliens and as a person I feel, in this huge and endless galaxy there is a chance of another life existence apart from ours. Aliens are real? Is a big unsolved question. The mystery keeps getting webbed and complicated when we find its reference in famous paintings! 
Aliens in art
Egyptian hieroglyphics have contained the design of UFO’s and figures that resemble aliens. Egyptians have been for their systematic and exceptionally amazing structures. It often leaves us in question what made Egyptians that lived thousands of years ago so smart and skilled! One conspiracy states that Aliens helped Egyptians in their work and that’s why their references appear so often in the scriptures. What do you think about it? The mysterious references of aliens and their whereabouts in their scriptures often opens the path of endless conspiracies that leave us puzzled. 
The famous Edvard Munch’s painting of Madonna and Saint Giovannino holds a lot of attention due to the identification of a mysterious flying object in the background, it has triggered alien debate among the netizens.  
The famous painting called “The Baptism of Christ”, painted in 1710, by Aert De Gelde, a Dutch artist, is currently in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. It is very evidently visible that 4 columns of light is being casted from a plate or disc like figure on to the place where baptism is taking place. The resemblance of the figure to that of a UFO, cannot be denied. It is believed that the artist affiliated to Rembrandt and via this painting he tried to project a secret knowledge to the audience. 
 All this evidence leaves us confused and amidst numerous questions to which answers are yet to be discovered. It is to be noted that the existence of these figures could indicate something else, about which we have no knowledge right now. It is for sure, from now on, we will have a new perspective whenever we look at these famous paintings. 
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Falak Neaz

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I was shocked after reading the alien one. I had seen and read about alot of Egyptian engravings and a possible connection with the aliens. Sounds so stupid but the evidences provided were quite convincing.

One thing is for sure, artists of those times always had meaning and messages in their art.
Until we explore more, we’d have to live in suspicion.

Very well written. It was good 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Athar Anis

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