New Year means new start, a new page gets added to the story of our life. It’s the beginning of the end and we celebrate it in our ways. Celebrations, parties, vacations, trips and new resolutions which we break in a few days as we progress into the month of January. These little get together with family and friends just proves to be a great start to the year. Here we are with some fun DIY ideas that would amp up your New Year!



New Year’s Photo Backdrop

Is any occasion complete until you click thousands of pictures and selfies? Well it’s a no, no. A backdrop just makes your photo-shoot sessions lit. To make a photo worthy backdrop, all you need is a solid curtain fabric preferably in darker shade. A few glittery balloons to make a good frame, the NEW-YEAR string and you are all set to make jaws drop with the aesthetic backdrop.  



Fortune Cookies

The tradition of fortune cookies takes us back to China. It is made with flour, sugar, vanilla essence and sesame seed oil, just mix and whip it all into a dough, shape it into the shape of  fortune cookies and add a piece of paper with “fortune” (aphorism) written in it. The person receiving it would get a hint of what the year holds for him. Sounds fun? Right!


Sparkling Champagne Bottles

Re-use the champagne bottles and turn them into an aesthetic piece of art. All you need is an empty champagne bottle, glue and glitters of your choice. Spread a thin layer of glue evenly on the champagne bottle and roll into the glittery dust. Let it dry and wallah, its ready!



DIY Mocktails

Virgin Cucumber Gimlet, is a perfect refreshing drink to give a perfect refreshing start to the year. All you need is a 1.5oz of soda, 4.5 slices of cucumber, 1oz of lime juice and 1oz of sweet syrup. Mix it all and shake it like Shammi (Just kidding)! Pour it in a glass, garnish it with cucumber and mint and you are set!



Handmade Gifts

Well, I am a sucker for handmade things. They always find a place in between my books and files to stay forever. A handmade card, a letter full of positivity and blessings or a handmade painting could make such a good New Year gift.


We hope the blog helped you to gather some ideas to make your New Year lit. We hope the year 2022 doubles your happiness and joy. Thank you for supporting our small business and helping us come this far. We are working every day to better ourselves and upgrade our services just for our Nautankishaala fam!

-Falak Neaz

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