Customized and Unique: New Year Gifting Made Easy

The year is ending, the year that was full of uncertainty and confusion. Amidst all that this year put us through, closed ones have been there. Your friends, family, employees, clients, and customers have held onto you. Working from home, constant meetings, and follow-ups, they have been with you through it all, overcoming all the challenges and hanging in there. Times that took us far or brought us closer to our family and friends, and you must appreciate them, say a thank you, and wish them the best year that is to come!

Confused and Worried as to how to appreciate them? It has to be unique and must stand out, take a look at all the quirky designs that we have with pops of colours. 

  • Art Frames 


Your desk needs a pop of colour, and you need motivation. So we bring to you our pretty art frames that will instantly brighten up your mood and bring in a lot of inspiration. 

You can check out our collection of Art Frames, Made to Order and one of a kind :)

  • Handmade Candles 

Who doesn’t adore candles? Scented, handmade candles, nothing better than that. Beginning the new year with beautifully made and unique candles will make the new year shine brighter and everyone happier. 

For this, you must check our handmade candles collection, and get something for yourself too :)

  • Customised Greeting Cards with a Face mask 

So the plan is to keep it simple and sweet, so why not go the traditional way but with a tweak. On top of that, face masks are a necessity. So why not give something that will remind them of you every day! Nautankishaala brings to you customized, hand made greeting cards, add a designer face mask to that, and that is a perfect gift for the new year! 

Check out the collection. We guarantee you will love it :)

  • Customized Notebooks 

Notebooks are a feeling, a necessity, and customized notebooks are just perfect. A notebook carries everything, from simple Minutes of the meeting to household chores, to-do lists, or even a million-dollar idea. They keep everything together. So a customized notebook is of great use and a great gift idea, and you must check out the quirky notebooks collection that we have at Nautankishaala

  • The Ultimate Gift Box

If you liked all the above options and are now confused, we have got you covered for that too! 

Go ahead and get our ultimate gift box, which is a stationery gift box filled with all the designer stationeries we offer, exclusively made. Consisting of Notebooks, Greeting Cards, and Bookmarks is the best new year box. 

Check it out,

We at Nautankishaala have got you covered with gifting options for your employees, customers, clients, family, and friends. 

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Itika Samar

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