Celebrating Women’s day, with movies and series! 

International Women's day 2021, the theme for this year’s women’s day is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”

The women today are no longer abla naaris, they no longer need someone to make decisions. The women today have gone beyond the limitations that held them back! 

To all the women who do it all, they aren’t superwomen, they don't need to be, because they are strong, fierce, and take a stand for themselves! Also, ek naari, sab pe bhari! 

Nautankishaala brings you a list of amazing movies and series which are way beyond what society portrayed women, because these are about women that exist today, in this world! They aren’t perfect, but they are human and they deserve only the good! 

English Vinglish 

All of you must have watched this movie, and this movie is one of the best movies about women empowerment! A woman isn’t meant to be in the kitchen only, she can love cooking but that’s not her only job! A woman can do anything if she wishes to, and nothing can ever stop her! Filled with amazing dialogues, songs, and ofc Sridevi <3 This is a definite watch with your mom (the first woman in your life) 

Masaba Masaba

A story about the wonderful mother-daughter duo, the great Neena Gupta Ji and Masaba Gupta, this series is a must-watch. Filled with crazy dialogues, good songs, and the amazing hot-mess collection by Masaba Gupta! This one is a fun watch! 

Shakuntala Devi 

This is another masterpiece about how women can just do it all! Because, she can be a mother, a wife, a sister, she can be everything but she is a human, a woman first and she shouldn’t have to let go of her dreams to play the other roles in her life! A mathematician, a lady with the widest smile, Vidya Balan does justice to the role she played, and ofc she is a mom too at the end of the day! 


This movie is a well-meaning film for today's generation. The story is about how a teenage girl points out the sexism at her school, and how she has got it all from her mom! 


This movie brings out a powerful statement in today’s society. It challenges the notion of “acche ghar ki ladkiya yeh nahi karti, and agar karti hai toh inke saath aisa hi hona chahiye” 

Damn, this movie is strong, the women hold on to each other and stand strong against this evil society, even when the society does everything to shake them! Another strong notion this movie challenges is: ladki ki na me bhi haan hai, no bro! Na ka matlab Na hi hota hai. 

Watch this movie, because this one has oh! So amazing dialogues :)

Tribhanga -Tedhi Medhi Crazy 

This movie revolves around three women from three different generations! A movie about imperfect mothers and difficult daughters! This one is a fun watch because Kajol steals the show! With amazing dialogues, and energy - Kajol is unfiltered, and that's a treat to watch, and again there is Mithila Palkar. The movie is about how a mother is not just a mother! 

Sex and the city 1 and 2 

There is a series and a movie on this, and both are too cool to not watch! Watch it this women’s day, with your girl gang, and obsess over the cool places, the cooler outfits, and the coolest friendship that has ever existed! It's a story about four women, who belong to different worlds and has different lifestyles but in the end, their friendship is the strongest and each other is what they have! 

Mary Kom

This movie is about India's famous female boxer, Mary Kom. the story of the five-time world champion Mary Kom is a must-watch because nothing can stop women from being what they want to be! 

Zindagi in short 

Seven simple short stories, with real-life stories, damn! These are filled with young, complicated love, struggles of dignity, positivity, and courage, freedom. It is the perfect portrayal of Zindagi as it is, It is about women who deal with the twists and turns of life whilst making an impact every day. 

The bold type 

    It’s about running a business, a battle. Currently, with four seasons, this one depicts feminism, self-expression, drama, and genuineness! Watch this show and see how women run the show! 

    I Feel Pretty 

    It's about an insecure woman who finds her place in this world. The movie depicts the cruelty of this world, but then the girl just falls in love with herself and finds herself perfect! This one is to all the women who are constantly shamed for being too fat, too thin or just being themselves! You are pretty, and will always be!

    As Sarah Kay says “your voice is small, but don’t you ever stop singing”, on that note Nautankishaala wishes every woman, a very happy international women’s day!


    Itika Samar

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