7 Best Movies To Make Your Christmas 2020 Amazing

The calendar has almost reached its end. The winters are here with the best time of the year! Christmas brings with it a warm feeling. Since we all are staying indoors, it's time to watch movies that will make you cozy and your Christmas 2020 amazing! Get ready with a nice cup of hot chocolate, fuzzy blankets and get cozy because we are sharing seven classic Christmas movies that you must watch this weekend.

  • Home Alone

Talking about Christmas, we surely shouldn't miss this movie. A perennial classic and loved all over the world. With a total of 5 home alone movies, you will enjoy all of them because there is just something special about these movies, which take us down memory lane beautifully.

  •  Holidate 

If you are spending Christmas alone, you must get yourself a Holidate and you guys must watch this amazingly cute movie together. For all the singles out there, it's a great concept for you actually might find a permanent holidate for yourself too ;)

  • Love Actually 

A bucket full of emotions, this movie has it all. Now this movie is for all the cute couples who get to celebrate Christmas together. The ultimate rom-com and the most iconic ode to love and Christmas, this movie should be on your watchlist 

  • Serendipity 


Bringing magic, miracles, and hope, the season of love and faith, this movie is one of the best. Beginning at Christmas and destiny coming knocking at the door, this movie does keep the spirits of Christmas high!

  • The Christmas Chronicles 

This movie isn’t a Christmas classic, but this one is filled with cheesy one-liners. Extremely cute and friendly, this one is guaranteed to make you smile. It brings with it festive fun and also one of the best on-screen Santas :)

  • A California Christmas

This movie is a feel-good, happy, and romantic one with scenic shots in California. It is filled with nice moments and great chemistry. It is heartwarming and light-hearted, just like Christmas.

  • Just Another Christmas

Now this movie is heart touching, funny, and brings a beautiful message. The main character of the movie hates Christmas but has to keep living this all his life. Brand new drop on Netflix, this movie is very entertaining.

Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas!

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