5 Ways to use a Notebook!


The P in Perfect stands for Papyrophiliac! If you are obsessed with collecting notebooks and displaying them as a gewgaw, then this blog is for you! The blank pages of notebooks are full of possibilities. Notebooks can be a great gifting option, as well as a great companion. We have got five fun ways in which you can use your notebooks and level up with your artistry. 

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Junk Journaling

If you have a perception then nothing is a waste for you. Junk journaling is a therapeutic way of journaling where you use junk to decorate the pages, contributing to the welfare of the environment. It is made up of recycled items such as magazines cut-outs, brochures, patterned paper, newspaper, torn envelopes, packaging, brown paper bags, greeting cards, old post cards, to name a few.  The notebook covers can be made from cereal boxes, old book covers or any hard card boards.  The list is endless, especially when your creative imagination is sparked!

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Paint it down!

For artists every paper is a blank canvas. The thick sheets of Nautankishaala’s notebooks are a perfect buddy of acrylics and poster paints. So what are you waiting for? Take your brushes and pour your imagination on the sheets!

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Traditional Diary!

“Write things down you’ll be amazed how many great ideas you’ll forget!”- Anonymous. Keeping a diary to jot down your daily activity and thoughts could be very helpful to detangle your thoughts and to gain a positive flow of ideas. 

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Doodle Toodles

Doodling is a merrymaking session and is a perfect time pass. Sneaking in, having a doodling session along with Kriss-Kross could be a perfect activity to kill the boredom of lectures. Fun Fact: The pages of a notebook would hold numerous memories that would take you down the memory lane whenever you flip the pages.

Take a Note

While attending a lecture taking down running notes is very helpful, it helps in retaining things when you pen it down. Writing on fresh pages triggers the serotonin in you and boosts your mental capacity. When your notebook is fancy your notes get 100/100 Nancy!

You can use your notebooks in many ways, you just need to look on the other side of the spectrum. Habit tracking, progress analyzing, to do list, daily routine charts, and much more could be done with a notebook. Do let us know how you use your notebook in the comments down below! Don’t forget to take a sneak peak of our aesthetic notebook collection. 

- Falak Neaz.

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