Things Haikyuu taught us!

Haikyuu anime takes us on a trip to high school’s fun, friendship and games which you would not want to miss. The entire series revolves around the game of Volleyball. The passion, courage and hard work it takes to achieve you desire is portrayed commendably in the series. In spite of the main theme of Volleyball, the show has much more elements to offer. Highlighting the practical things that the series taught us we have written a wholesome piece for you to read.

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Never listen to anyone

The sigma rule of believing in yourself and ignoring of what others think is highlighted very well via the protagonist of the series Hinata. Hinata was a student who aspires to establish his name in the field of Volleyball but due to his short height, people around him discouraged him by making fun of his height and developing a sense of discomfort. In spite of all the underwhelming opinion of the people he strived and proved himself as a skilled Volleyball player.


There is always a second chance

The character Asahi has been portrayed as a former Ace until he was convinced by Nishinoya to play again. Asahi was just like any student, self-conscious and over thinker. Due to being blocked by Karasuno’s team every time and not being able to showcase his skills on the court, along with the harsh scolding of his team-mates, left him disheartened leaving him intimidated. As the series progress Asahi was shown to tackle his insecurities and out-shine as a finest player of the team at his second chance.


Team Spirit!

Kageyama could be defined as a perfectionist and the best at what he does. He has always been the strongest amongst his team and became delusional that alone he would make the team win. Later on, in his journey he witnessed downfall and learnt the meaning of playing as a team and team spirit.


Winning is not everything

The real essence of a game is to play and enjoy rather than being fierce about just winning. The characters of Haikyuu have shown this spirit very well. Hinata is fun loving character who doesn’t focuses on winning the game but enjoying and maintaining the team spirit by his lively personality. This character made the whole series fun and light hearted for the audience.


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